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First thing first, you have to configure you zain line for free browsing, if you have not done that already then click here zain configuration setup. Once you have activated your line following the link above the next thing you need to do is to download opera 4.2 which you can get here opera 4.2 after downloading it Install it on your phone,After installing it all you have to do is to change the custom server to

opera 4.2 custom server =

That all this cheat Works very well and its fast.

Note you don’t need to change the setting for the APN and the Port Number.

If you have any difficulty please don’t hesitate to drop a line in my comment and I will personally guide you through, you can also drop a line telling me how you think I can be of assistance to you. Always check back for the latest trick and cheat to enable browser for free
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Zain Configuration Setup

Hi, I remember those days that you will have to call Customer Care to activate you mobile phone so as to use it to browser, and the activation process will take for ever.

I can remember an occasion where I had to call customer care 111, Zain in this case an ask them to activate my link, so I can browse with it, do you know after spend close to an hour for one of there agent to come an attend to me, and I told here that I need my line to be activated for browsing an she promised that she will send the configuration setting to my phone, do you know I waited for 3days and yet I could not get the setting.

I repeated the same process an called the customer care again and again, and each time I called they promise I am going to get the settings send to my phone and till date they haven’t sent it, if they did I have not received the setting .

I also tried sending text message with the format

Internet nokia 3230 to 232 which is there default method of setting up your phone for browsing purpose and the same thing happen, I did not received any setting as well.

I got feed up with everything an did so research and I stumbled upon this method of activating your Zain Line for internet Browsing, it’s easy fast and anybody can take advantage of it. There an then you will send the browsing setting to your mobile phone and activate your line immediately for browsing. I did it is easy and you can do it.

This the web site address

It’s a do it yourself task in a step by step guide that is easy to follow. The best part is that you don’t need to wait for those so called customer services to activate your line anymore

Here the site one again
you just copy it and paste it in the address bar of your browser and press the enter key and once the page opens you just follow the simple instruction, I think that will be all for now.

Always refer people to this Blog so they can also benefit from it too, I assure you that will thank you for it. You can drop a comment by clicking on the comment link below and tell me what you fill, waiting for customer care to activate your line for browsing or doing it yourself which want do you think is better ?

If you have any Problem accessing the site or you would want me to help in something else just click on the comment link below and enter it there I will get back to you soon.

Zain free Internet Browsing – Just got better, Fast and Stable

Are you Browsing for Free ?
Is your Internet Browsing Fast, if not you need to check this out.
Do you know you can start Browsing for free with your zain Line in Nigeria?
Zain Free Internet Browsing just got better, it’s fast, stable, doesn’t just disconnect like before, and the best part of it is that it’s stable. Like I said free Internet browsing is taking a different turn and I Know that you guys that are in love with free Internet Browsing will really love this one..

If you have not gotten your zain line configured for browsing, this tips will not be good for you, what you do first is to configure your zain line for free browsing first, to make every thing easy for you just click here zain configuration setup

Free Internet Browsing with Zain Configuration and Settings
Below are the setting you need for the Free Internet Browsing Stuff, so to get started you phone First, must be configured with the Zain GPRS Setting, if you have not done that you can go here for the zain configuration setup. Your Phone must be Configured with the GPRS Setting of your Brand of Phone , before you can enjoy this free Internet Browsing am sharing with you, if you still have any problem you can drop mea line in the comment box below so I can see how I can help you or still you you personalized the message with Please Help- Free Internet Browsing , I think that will be great and I will get back to you.

So these are the free Internet Browsing setting you need for zain.

IP Address:
Port no. 80
Opera mini server Address:
Opera mini server :

You can Also Use this too
IP Address:
Port Number: 80
Opera mini server :
Opera mini server :

Ip Address:
Port No.: 8080

IP Address:
Port No. 8080

IP Address ::Port No. 80 80

As you can see above, I know what am doing when I wrote server4.operamini:80 without the .com


Opera Server Address 80
Opera Server Address :

Click here For More Free Internet Browsing

Note Always drop your Comment, buy clicking on the comment link below, and Let me know how I can help you better

Hint! Am working on a project that will enable you make free calls, so always check back to get the main gist.

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Free Browsing - Browse the Net For Free, Download and very fast

So you wanna browse free...

You think free browsing is the best for you....
Just kidding , I wanted to pulling your legs, I know you will be wondering what's this guy saying, all the same I have some free browsing stuffs for you.

As you make Know free browsing has it's advantage and disadvantage, I mean in terms of the speed of the internet connection why browsing, since you will be using proxy to access the network.

But never to worry I have what your looking for, but I hope you will check back again for more free stuff. You can even bookmark the page because we l be posting more free stuff for you guys, not just free internet browsing alone but some cool stuff I know you will love, just check on this blog when ever you are on line and you will see what I mean you are really going to love it.

Before I forget this is the link for the zain free internet browsing stuuff zain free browsing
I will be posting the one for mtn later

You can also clickon the Zain log above for the free browsing stuff.

You can also drop a line in the comment box box, if you need more assistance on free browsing

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