Wap Browser -Download the Latest Free Wap Browsers for your Mobile Phone

Having Problem with your Wap Browser, What Type of wap browser do you use with your phone
Why not try the following wap Browser Below and start having a cool time Browsing the Internet for Free with the cheats and tricks provided in this blog.what do you say!!

There They are, Best of all Mobile wap Browser you can use with your mobile phone,one unique thing about this wap browser is there apperance on your mobile ,they make browsing on the mobile cool with features like tabs (windows) to open more windows for more site , they also contain short cut keys that enable you navigate the application easily, and the best part is this wap browser are free to download and use, why not try them today.

here is the download links for the wap browser
Opera Mini 4.2 multi window
Opera mini 4.2
Opera mini 5 Beta
Opera mini 4.2 Handler
Opera mini 2.06
firefox 4.2 with editable server
Blackfox 4.2 Multi Handler
Opera mini 5 Beta

Download and Install on your phone and share with the reader what your thoughts are,

Enjoy your free Internet Wap browsing Experiences, Taught to you soon.

PPS The Wap Browser listed above will work with any Phone that support Java application


  1. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Pls am using opera 2.06 and 3.10 pls can u give me internet free browse of it

  2. Hi,
    Which network are you using

  3. Hi,
    Which network are you using